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Visit PGNY During The Rug Show and See The Debut of the Borderless Collection

Persian Gallery New York

The Finest Antique Decorative Carpets & European Tapestries


Persian Gallery New York is New York City’s finest source for

antique decorative carpets, classic oriental rugs, rare textiles,

vintage pillows, and period European tapestries.


Visit us during The Rug Show at the Jacob Javits Center

the week of August 27th from 9AM – 5PM each day

by heading over to the East Side and joining us

in our Midtown Manhattan showroom,

where we will be debuting many new acquisitions,

including our new Borderless Collection!


Browse our full inventory of antique carpets and tapestries

by visiting our user-friendly website,



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PGNY Presents ‘The Borderless Collection’

Borderless Lavar Runner
Size 19’0 x 3’9

The Borderless Collection’ from Persian Gallery New York captures a

delightful blend between the singular beauty of antique decorative carpets and

the utility and versatility of wall-to-wall carpeting. See the initial entries in the

Borderless Collection here, including this handsome

Borderless Antique Lavar Carpet, rug # 32030


NYC’s Finest Antique Persian Carpets

Antique Seneh Carpet
size 27’0 x 14’4

 Rug # 31757, Antique Persian Seneh Carpet, size 27’0 H x 14’4 W (8.23m x 4.37m)



NYC’s Finest Antique Turkish Carpets

Antique Oushak Carpet
size 12’4 x 8’2

Rug # 28696, Antique Turkish Oushak Carpet, size 12’4 H x 8’2 W (3.76m x 2.49m) 



NYC’s Finest Period European Tapestries

18th Century Flemish
Verdure Landscape Tapestry
size 8’0 H x 4’6 W

Tapestry # 31104 , 18th Century Flemish Verdure Tapestry, size 8’0 H x 4’6 W (2.44m x 1.37m)

This tapestry is also featured in the upcoming film Bel Canto

starring Julianne Moore! Watch the trailer here



NYC’s Source for Vintage Decorative Pillows

Vintage Decorative Pillows
Art Deco with Green Velvet

See Persian Gallery New York’s full collection of vintage decorative pillows here,

including these Vintage Art Deco Striped Green Velvet Pillows



Contact us to schedule a visit during The Rug Show,

and with all your special inquiries for the best

antique rugs, carpets, textiles, pillows, and tapestries

by phone, e-mail, or by live chat via our website,

Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM, EST.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect

antique rugs and tapestries for your needs!

Persian Gallery New York

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Suite #500

New York, NY 10016

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