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Persian Gallery New York is Giving Pope Francis an Antique Tapestry for FREE!!!

Not much fazes the populace of New York City.  People walk through the bustling streets and barely acknowledge the constant wail of sirens, emergency vehicles, street performers, dogs, and the other cacophony of sounds that make up the soundtrack of daily life in the Big City.  If there’s one thing that trips up even the most hardened New Yorker, though, it’s heavy traffic.  And I don’t mean the usual take-an-hour-to-get-across-town traffic, I mean traffic so bad, you’d think the Pope is in town…

Well today, traffic is HELLACIOUS.  And yes, the Pope is indeed in town!

The whole world is watching Pope Francis‘ historic visit to The Big Apple, culminating in tonight’s visit to “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” Madison Square Garden.   Of course, withthe legions of people thronging into the city to see the Pontiff, security is tight, and many streets and traffic routes are closed off, squeezing traffic to a standstill in many major areas around town.

Now, let’s get down to business.  In the title of this blog entry, we state that Persian Gallery New York is giving Pope Francis the following antique tapestry:×2-9


This is a fine Franco-Flemish tapestry from the border town of Lille, and it dates back to the early 17th century, making it a nearly 400 year old antique wall-hanging!  It features a humble priest, possibly a previous Pope, kneeling before a large cross.

We here at PGNY are ready and willing to give this to Pope Francis himself, for FREE, if he can just squeeze in a quick visit to our showroom on his way to Madison Square Garden.  I know, I know, traffic is a disaster, but he’s in his Popemobile, and MSG is straight up the block from us.  Seriously, we’ll give it to him FREE.  Okay, maybe he can snap a couple of quick photos with us, but that’s it, FREE TAPESTRY!

Of course, we know the Pope is busy guy, and I guess it’s conceivable that he might not be able to come into our showroom to pick up the tapestry.  And no, substitutes are not allowed, so he can’t send a Cardinal or a Bishop over to pick it up for him.  Well, if by some small chance Pope Francis doesn’t make it over here to pick up the tapestry himself, you, dear readers, are in luck, because you can now be the new owner Pope Francis’ very own tapestry!!  E-mail us at, or call us at (212) 683-2699 to set up an appointment to come visit our showroom and see the Pope’s tapestry in person!  You might not get the tapestry for free, but when you call, use the code POPE and we’ll be sure to take care of you!  And I can personally guarantee, traffic will definitely not be as bad as it is today if you want to pay us a visit in the future!