PGNY Celebrates the Persian New Year ‘Nowruz’ and the Return of Spring







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Persian Gallery New York is New York City’s finest source for

antique decorative carpets, classic oriental rugs, rare textiles,

vintage pillows, and period European tapestries.

Specializing in oversize and mansion size antique rugs, large sizes,

room sizes, odd sizes, gallery size rugs, and runners, as well as

the largest selection of antique tapestries in the United States.

 We wish you all a happy start to the Spring season,

and whether you are celebrating the

Persian “New Year” celebration of Nowruz,

the recent holiday of St. Patrick’s Day,

or the upcoming holidays of Passover and Easter,

the PGNY team wishes you happy holidays and happy Spring!


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The Lost Julius Caesar Tapestry of Henry VIII
PGNY has been in international news of late with the discovery that one of the antique tapestries in our collection,

the Julius Caesar tapestry pictured below, is likely to be one of the only surviving tapestries

from the court of one the most famous monarchs in history, King Henry VIII!

For details, media clips, and related articles, click below

The Long Lost Julius Caesar Tapestry from the Court of King Henry VIII

Oversize and Mansion Size Carpets
PGNY is renowned for having the industry’s biggest and best selection of oversize antique carpets, like this

antique Persian Seneh Carpet, size 27’0 H x 14’4 W (8.23m x 4.37m)

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Large, Square & Odd Size Carpets
PGNY has a diverse selection of large, square, and odd size antique carpets, like this

antique Turkish Oushak Carpet, size 15’8 H x 13’1 W (4.78m x 3.99m)

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Room Size & Decorative Carpets
PGNY has some of the finest room size decorative antique carpets in the world, like this

antique Persian Sultanabad Carpet, size 14’5 H x 11’0 W (4.39m x 3.35m).

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Small and Scatter Size Carpets
PGNY has a great selection of small and scatter size carpets in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and weaves, like this

antique Persian Ferahan Sarouk Carpet, size 6’7 H x 4’5 W (2.01m x 1.35m).

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Runners & Gallery Size Kaleghis
PGNY has an enormous selection of antique runners and gallery size kaleghis, like this

antique Persian Hamadan runner, size 18’7 H x 3’0 W (5.66m x 0.91m).

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Browse PGNY’s Collection of Gallery Size Kaleghis

Period European Tapestries
PGNY has the finest selection of antique and period European tapestries in the United States, like this

antique 17th Century Flemish Verdure Landscape Tapestry, size 9’6 H x 9’9 W (2.90m x 2.97m).

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Vintage Decorative Pillows
PGNY has an eclectic selection of vintage decorative rug and tapestry pillows, like this

set of vintage Art Deco Velvet Pillows,

which are the perfect shade of green for those who recently celebrated St. Patrick’s Day!

Browse PGNY’s Collection of Vintage Pillows


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