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The Best Rugs and Tapestries are OUTSIDE of High Point and Salone del Mobile!

Persian Gallery New York
The Finest Antique Decorative Carpets & European Tapestries

You don’t have to be at the two big trade shows
in High Point, North Carolina and Salone del Mobile, Milano
to find the best decorative rugs and tapestries in the market.
Save yourself the trip, and visit PGNY.com instead!
Visit our showroom in the heart of New York City,
or browse our user-friendly website from the
comfort of your home (or even your phone)!Browse our vast collections of the industry’s best antique
decorative carpets, classic oriental rugs, rare textiles,
vintage pillows, and period European tapestries by visiting

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The Finest Persian Floral Carpets

Browse the biggest and best selection of antique
Persian carpets with intricate floral designs, like this
antique Persian Tabriz Hadji Jalili Carpet,
size 13’4 H x 9’2 W (4.06m x 2.79m)Browse PGNY’s Collection of Persian Floral Rugs

The Best Persian Geometric Carpets

Browse our vast and diverse selection of vintage and antique
Persian carpets with decorative geometric designs, like this
antique Persian Serapi Oriental Carpet,
size 15′ H x 12′ W (4.57m x 3.66m)Browse PGNY’s Collection of Persian Geometric Rugs

The Most Beautiful Oushak and Turkish Rugs

Browse our extensive selection of vintage and antique
Oushak and Turkish carpets, like this
antique Turkish Oushak Carpet,
size 13’0 H x 10’3 W (3.96m x 3.12m)Browse PGNY’s Collection of Oushak and Turkish Rugs

The Most Handsome Antique Caucasian Carpets

Browse our carefully curated collection of vintage
and antique Caucasian rugs, like this
antique Caucasian Kuba Carpet,
size 6’0 H x 4’0 W (1.83m x 1.22m)Browse PGNY’s Collection of Caucasian Rugs

The Most Stylish Chinese Rugs and Carpets

Browse our singular selection of vintage
and antique Chinese rugs, like this
antique Chinese Peking Carpet,
size 4’0 H x 2’0 W (1.22m x 0.61m)Browse PGNY’s Collection of Chinese Rugs

The Most Elegant European Carpets

Browse our absolutely fabulous collection of vintage
and antique European pile and flat-woven rugs,
including Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets, like this
antique French Aubusson Carpet,
size 17’2 H x 12’8 W (5.23m x 3.86m)Browse PGNY’s Collection of European Rugs

The World’s Best Period European Tapestries

PGNY has the finest selection of antique and period
European tapestries in the United States, like this
antique 17th Century Flemish Verdure Landscape Tapestry,
size 9’6 H x 9’9 W (2.90m x 2.97m)Browse PGNY’s Collection of Period European Tapestries

An Eclectic Mix of Vintage Decorative Pillows

PGNY has an eclectic selection of vintage
decorative rug and tapestry pillows, like this
set of vintage Art Deco Velvet PillowsBrowse PGNY’s Collection of Vintage Pillows

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carpets, pillows, and tapestries
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vintage and antique rugs
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antique rugs, carpets, textiles, pillows, and tapestries
by phone, e-mail, or live chat via our website,
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We look forward to helping you find the perfect
antique rugs and tapestries for your needs!
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