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Modern Rugs versus Traditional Rugs: What’s the Difference?

Join us for the latest installment in our new series of essays, exploring the history of specific styles of various antique carpets.

In this article, we expand our focus from discussing only vintage and antique textiles, and consider the differences between modern rugs and antique carpets.

PGNY’s Article on Modern vs. Traditional Carpets, from the Winter 2022 issue of Rug Insider Magazine

We also delve into the history of what we consider the most iconic antique carpet in the world, the antique Persian Ardabil Carpet at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum!

The World Famous London Ardabil Carpet

This article originally appeared in the recently released Winter 2022 issue of Rug Insider Magazine , the full issue of which can be viewed in digital form in its entirety online at the link below:

You can visit the website for Rug Insider Magazine with the link below, for more news about the area rug industry, for subscription information, and more.


Rug Insider Magazine – Winter 2022 Issue

You can also read the original article on its own, as it appears in digital form on the Rug Insider website by clicking through this link, below:


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